I'm gonna be
'that friend'

You know...the one that is there for you,
even sometimes when you don't want them to be! 

I'm a coach, a mentor, a teacher, a partner.
It doesn't matter much what you call me.
I'm going to share with you everything I have to help you be successful in your business life so that you can have more of a personal life.

Who is your coach?

Your coach is someone who has 'been around the block', worked in and owned businesses large and small, and has had leadership roles that have given him the experience that will make your journey smoother.

Greg Chamblin

Business Coach / Aspiring Beach Bum

With 20 years at a Fortune 100 company and 20 years owning and selling a small business, Greg Chamblin brings the experience and knowledge needed to help small business owners apply skills, techniques, and technology to grow their businesses while, at the same time, gaining the freedom to enjoy the life they choose.

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